What I Used

This is an outline of the recording setup and gear I used to make Ground State. Not everything was used in the final recordings or mixes, this is more a list of what I had at hand to use and what I experimented with.


Epiphone SG electric
Tanglewood acoustic
Bentley upright piano


Samson C01
AKG C1000s (x3)
Audio Technica ATM33a

Harware Processing:

I didn't use many of my pedals, I'm listing the ones I used or experimented with during writing/recording.

DOD fx90
Boss PS-3
volume pedal
Boss DD-20
homemade feedback loop


NI Rig Kontrol 2 used for the SG
Tascam US-122 used for mics

Software Processing and Plugins:

NI Guitar Rig 2
arcDev Dubb Box
Dasample Glaceverb
iZotope Spectron
Sonitus EQ
Sonitus Compressor
Audiodamage FuzzPlus 2
PSP Pianoverb


Recorded with Sonar 4, Audacity and Guitar Rig.
Mixed with Sonar 4.
Mastered with iZotope Ozone 3.
Monitored with Philips SBC HP550 headphones and crappy pc speakers.

Each Track

This isn't comprehensive. Just an outline of how each track was recorded and what with. Very general, I've not bothered listing specific plugins or pedals used for more minor processing.

in limbo
acoustic, C1000s, processed with guitar rig.

C01 on vocals, C1000s on guitar. other parts are electric through guitar rig. + other plugins

lee pen
C01 on piano. electric parts with guitar rig. + bitmodder + other plugins

skeleton key
ATM33a + electric. processed with guitar rig and glaceverb. + other plugins

take your hands
C1000s on acoustic and vocals. electric + ebow + guitar rig. + other plugins